A Lesson from Covid-19

At four in the evening, I was scrolling through Facebook and suddenly a thought came to my mind that corona-virus is teaching us something important. The virus is providing great wisdom to understand human integrity.

 It took a virus to teach us how uncertain and precious our life is. The world became so busy as technology and materialistic things have taken the place of love and care. We started taking each other and mother nature for granted. We forgot to be kind, compassionate, polite, humble and especially loving and caring. We all became so selfish with our needs. We do not remember human goodness or the value of people in our life. We started loving things and using people.

This crisis is teaching us something we do not pay attention to, but it is vital to live.  Nowadays, people must isolate, and they can not socialize with each other. They must spend time locked down in the house with tv, computer, phone and other materialistic things but no human beings.

And now, we are bored with technology and materialistic things. We are craving human interaction. The truth is we are bonded with each other, but we do not understand that yet.  We are missing being out to enjoy mother nature. We should learn from COVID- 19 that no matter how far we expand with materials in this robotic era we all are incomplete without human love.

We need each other in order to live a mentally and physically healthy life. We should learn to respect all humans despite their caste, race, religion, colour and financial condition. We are all fighting the same fight. So, let’s be optimistic and change our way of living. Let’s start to love each other and be real humans, lighting up humanity. When we start to give time, respect and care to each other we stop judging people and forgiving more.

And, now it is clearer to us while we are in isolation or quarantine that we have taken community, society, individuals and mother nature for granted. It has taken coronavirus to teach that we feel alive and strong while we stand together.

This is a refresh button for life. So, let’s push the button and refresh the page of life. Let’s kill the ego, anger, pride, greed, disrespect, all the bad vibes and behaviour from our life along with coronavirus. We must free our body and mind from every evil thing which could be a threat to humanity and dangerous for humans.

We cannot go out, but we can still go in. This is the time for self-reflection. We have time to go with the inner self and understand how much ego, greed, disrespect, pride we are carrying within us for each other. We should learn that we are nothing without each other no matter how many technologies we create or how much money we have.

Self reflection Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Even the world’s richest person cannot get the cure for corona, so money is nothing. We are nothing without love, compassion, mercy, care, honesty, kindness, politeness and humbleness. We should all love people and use things. We are missing human interaction and that is the proof that we are incomplete without each other.  

We should know by this time that everything around us is temporary. We value people and do not take them for granted. Each of us are unique and we should not compare, judge or hurt others so we do not disappoint humanity and God. Let’s take care of each other and mother nature.

In fact, this virus crisis is as painful as other calamities including wildfires in Australia, flooding in England and cyclones in the United States. We are learning the truth, painfully and slowly that when mother nature is taken for granted these emergencies occur and become reality in our life.

Let’s kill our old self while we are killing covid-19 and reincarnate with pure mind, body and soul with loving heart.

Published by roshni04

I am a strong , independent, kind and compassionate woman with great faith in God. I grew up in a small town in Gujarat, India and also spent a few years in England. Nursing and serving people who are in need is my passion. I am residing in Canada. I have experienced and seen life so closely although never given up on life except once. I would like to try each and every thing in life. I am not afraid to take a risk and face challenges. Adventures are my hobby. I am a mother and best friend of my daughter, even though physically separated for the last 11years. We still have a great bonding and love. Currently, I serve people with cognitive disabilities, sharing love and happiness with them and showing that they are valuable. I believe that each of our lives has purpose. We all have some uniqueness that can be used for the betterment of the world. I think the pain and challenges I have been through has purpose so, I would like to share my life experiences with the world and encourage, inspire and support people. '' Service to man is service to GOD''

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